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Jinshi Drilltech Co., Ltd. (Former Tangshan Jinshi Superhard Material Co., Ltd.) was founded on the 11th of November 1996 with a registered capital of 53 million CNY. The company specializes in the development, production and sales of diamond exploration drilling tools as well as providing drilling solution and service. JINSHI is a national advanced technology enterprise,one of the drafters of geological drilling tool standard of China and the second prize winner of the National Science and Technology Progress in China.




JINSHI plant covers an area of 51,800 square meters. With over 360 employees and world-class intelligent production line of diamond core drilling consumables, JINSHI possesses core technology of diamond tools, innovate manufacturing technique with high precession on drill rod and casing, always keep industry-leading position on deep-hole and large diameter core barrel. A dedicated testing lab and strict adherence to the ISO9001 quality control system ensure every piece is of top quality. Standard testing rig set the guideline and demonstration with modern drilling application concepts. JINSHI takes drilling industry in CHINA to a high speed train! Boost to serve customers on global range; we are the expert with safety and efficient drilling.




Domestically, JINSHI has branches in YUNNAN and JIANGXI province. JINSHI cooperates

strategically with several universities and institutions in scientific drilling projects.In Central South America, JINSHI Peru, a wholly owned overseas subsidiary, has grown intoone of the main suppliers. In Russian speaking countries, JINSHI has joint venture with local partners. In Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, JINSHI products are widely used. JINSHI works together with many international companies within the industry. JINSHI has friends all over the world!




For past 24 years, JINSHI is devoted to serving geological core drilling industry is committed to becoming a world-class brand.